Hickory Heights
Property Owners Association
PO Box 273 Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48303
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Hickory Heights Update
In keeping with the mission and spirit of improving our neighborhood, your HHPOA Board of Directors has approved the installation of new way entrance signage to be installed on the 7 brick entranceway wall signs to our community at
Satterlee Rd.
, Rock Spring Rd., Top View Rd., Hickory Heights Dr., Pine Hill Dr., Burnley Dr., and Tarry Lane.  

The new signs will be ordered early summer 2016 and installed before fall 2016 by Spectrum Signs & Designs, a local Michigan company. 

The all-in cost associated with the design, production and installation of the new entranceway signage is $5200.00.  This expense was approved by the Board after considering multiple designs and bids from several contractors.

Entrance Sign

As always, please provide comments and thoughts to your Board, such as whether we should hold a summer picnic event at Springdale Park in August.

You may contact any of the individual board member listed at Neighborhood News or by mail HHPOA PO Box 273 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303

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