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One of the purposes of The Board of Hickory Heights is “ To improve the general appearance 

and residential value of the property in Hickory Heights Subdivision”. To this end the Board has

been very busy this year, we have improved the subdivision. Entrances with new plantings and

repaired the brick work on the signs, updated the By-Laws, presented the Township with a petition

that has the majority of Homeowners voting for new roads, and reviewed numerous requests for

improvements to residents homes. Additionally, the Board has addressed numerous complaints

for violations of the Deed Restrictions and Township Ordinances.


Several of the items that were accomplished this year created a lot of “passion” among the residents. 

The good news is that a lot of people have finally become involved.  We have a number of

new Board members that presented their applications coming on for 2014 that are volunteering 

their time and will continue the momentum forward for our community. 

We are always looking for volunteers to help with maintaining the entrances, welcoming new residents, 

hosting holiday events, etc.  Please help us maintain Hickory Heights as a great place to live. 

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