Hickory Heights
Property Owners Association
PO Box 273 Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48303
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Annual Registration and Dues Asseement

Registration and dues assessment are due by December 31st. Please submit online or by mail, as noted below.

$35 for seniors
$40 for all others
Questions regarding dues please contact:

Treasurer - Don F. :  tres@hickoryheightspoa.org

1. Pay online Bank of America
2. Register and pay by mail
1. Online
 Bank of America  or  ClearXchange
Choose your bank or create ClearXchange account - Secure money transfer
Pay to Bank of America Account:  tres@hickoryheightspoa.org

2. Mail

To submit your dues and registration by mail, download
and print the
Dues Assessment/Directory Update form, and mail to:

PO Box 273
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303