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Architectural Review Board

Proposed new construction, exterior remodeling and additions to homes in the Hickory Heights subdivision must comply with Hickory Heights Deed Resrictions and the Bloomfield Township Zoning Ordinances and Building Department regulations. 

You must submit 2 copies, with dimensions, of your improvement plans to HHPOA Architecture Liaison as well as the application form and Checklist  2 weeks prior to the next HHPOA Board meeting.  We are here to make sure your packet is complete; each time your packet has to be revised at the Township offices there area additional fees. 

Let us help you to have a complete packet; let us review the plans before you submit them to the Township!

Additionally, it must be approved by the HHPOA Board of Directors before the construction begins.

  • Generally, the proposal must “conform to the general architectural plan and scheme of the development of the subdivision evidenced by structures theretofore erected …”.
  • Architectural design, landscape grade, kind and quality of materials, and workmanship are also reviewed.
  • Please consider informing your nearby neighbors of you planned improvements before submitting your proposal to the HHPOA Board and Bloomfield Township.

For more information about the HHPOA procedure, please print the following documents; Application and Checklist must be included with the two sets of improvement plans:
HHPOA Home Improvement Procedure (Adobe PDF)
HHPOA Home Improvement Application (Adobe PDF)

HHPOA Architectural Checklist (Adobe PDF)
Please contact Architecture Liaison - Tyler D.:  archt@hickoryheightspoa.org

For more information about the Bloomfield Township procedure, please contact the
Township Planning and Building Department.
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Phone #: 248.433.7795

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